My Costa Rica Adventure

The beautiful resort we stayed at. More photos here


Costa Rica note that is no longer used. 

Some of the beautiful artwork at the tour museum



My BFF of more than 10 years 

The Crew 

Banana Boat ride, we fell in the water afterwards. Wish we captured that photo!

Our tour guide Percy, what a fun guy!

Hi loves, I'm back with a new post! This time I will talk about my recent travels to Costa Rica. I took this trip back in October and honestly I did not think twice when one of my best friends called me and invited me with some of her friends. I quickly bought my ticket, which was of course inexpensive (my motto). I used Cheap O Air to purchase my ticket and it was about $400 dollars for 5 days & 4 nights. We split the hotel which amounted to about $200 per person for the entire trip. Of course we had to incorporate some fun activities into our adventures. Check out the list below for direct links and amount I paid:

ZipLining- $101/person (included lunch and the pick up from hotel) Here
Xandari Resort & Spa - Here (Shared cost of hotel)
Island cruise - $145/person (included boat ride to the Island, breakfast & lunch, snorkeling, banana boat ride) - Here
San Jose Tour- $48/person- Here

In addition to that, you have to experience the night life. My trip was fairly inexpensive and a great time. Thanks for reading; remember to always keep it cheap, and remember you CAN ball on a budget! Xxx