Keeva- All Natural Skin Care Products (Best Acne treatment I have tried)

Let me start by saying that I have struggled with acne since I was in high school and it has followed me into adulthood. Acne is something that I have had to make the norm because I just never though my skin could go back to being clear before I went to puberty. I have visited dermatologists time and time again and there have been  moments when I've gone to the dermatologist on numerous occasions and they provide a solution that works, but only for so long and then my skin reverts back to what it was.


So my sister was incessantly bugging me to try this all natural cream called "Keeva" and I brushed it off for so many months, then after going to the dermatologist and having the products dry my skin out and irritate it, I decide to try all natural products. My sister bought me Keeva and I also changed my face wash to all natural ingredients. The best advice someone gave me was that "if you cannot pronounce the ingredients or you don't know what it is, you probably shouldn't be using it!" Below is a photo of my face without ANY makeup after using Keeva


My skin is still work in progress, but I have loved the results thus far while using Keeva, nothing burns while using the products, but gives a cooling sensation and I am not afraid to leave my house without putting makeup. It took around 1-2 weeks to start seeing outstanding results with consistent use, but I saw results within just a few days! I still get facials, but I ensure that I know the ingredients in the product. Go ahead and give them a try, they always have a sale and I promise you will not be disappointed. Keeva Organics, can also be found here on Amazon. They have other products such as hair shampoos, face serums, bar soaps, just to name a few.




MY Skin Care Regimen: 

1. I start off by washing my face with luke warm water the bar soap

2. After that, I cleanse it off with cold water and let my face air dry

3. Then I cleanse  it with an astringent such as Witch Hazel or Clindamycin

4. Then I apply a little bit of Keeva (you just need a bit on finger) and I apply all over my face or more on the dark spots that I have.

5. (Optional) You can apply twice a day for faster results, but I noticed that it lightened my skin a bit so I brought it down to once a day to get my skin colour back, while also clearing my skin. Click on the link below to shop: 

SHOP their Products Here which include, shampoos, serums and much more!  

**Disclaimer**- I am in no way a dermatologist, nor am I a guru in skincare, I am just sharing what works best for my skin type and can only recommend certain products that work for me. Please use at your discretion and I am in no way responsible for any outcome that would be harmful to your skin.