Boss Babe


Happy Monday,

It’s a new week and that means we have new goals, new ideas, new expectations and so forth. I usually have mixed feelings when the new week begins, but then at the same time, I get super excited because it also means it’s a new opportunity for things to happen. For me, I see it as it being a new week to get emails from companies I have been waiting to hear from. I also see it as an opportunity to seek out new collaborations and get things accomplished from the previous week.


Also for me, I feel like being in a funk about a new week starting just means I have to get up and go to work, but then I flip that around and I realize, most people dont get to wake up and I should be grateful for that!

What I always do to get myself out of a funk, is when I dress up, especially in an amazing outfit, I know that gets me out of my funk, because an outfit can change your entire mood! Hope you all have a wonderful week and check back for more content. Xxx

Blazer- Forever 21

Shoes- Asos (on Sale)

Bag- Thrifted

Sunglasses- Gucci