Stripes Over Stripes


Hello Lovelies,

It’s officially the 1st of the month and valentines day is right around the corner so I wanted to do a shoot where red was incorporated into my outfit. So, here I was ready to shoot, but then it started raining and I really was not feeling up to it. But then I thought to myself, a little rain never hurt anyone and wouldn’t it be fun to do a shoot in the rain. I’m the type of person that the weather totally affects my mood. If the sun is out, then I am game for anything, when the weather is gloomy and/or rainy, I just want to lay in bed cuddled up. So because I haven’t had as much time to shoot, I pulled myself out of bed and we headed out. It was REALLY fun and I think the colors complimented well especially with the clear umbrella. Happy New month lovers; my outfit details are below. Xxx

Coat- Asos

Top- H&M

Skirt- Sunset & Spring from Bloomingdales

Boots- A Gift from Paris

Bag- Asos

Beret- From my Mum