FORMULATE- Specially Formulated for You (Giveaway Included)


FORMULATE- Specially FORMULATED for you.


My Hair Journey:

 Like many others, hair is something that we deal with everyday. Hair is part of our appearance, whether it’s long, short, in a bob, bald, curly, etc. You get where I am going with this. With my hair in particular, I like to try different styles- which include extensions, wigs, wearing it in a bun, so forth and so on. Now with my natural hair more specifically, I have coarse hair that when washed, gets curly, but then the curls don’t last very long. I also suffer from dandruff issues, which I get from my dad. I have tried everything from vinegar to Sulfur 8 and most recently Head and Shoulders, which I have been using for about a year now. Suffice it to say, my dandruff issues are hereditary and there is no way for me to completely eliminate it, but I can only control it from here on now.


Introduction to Formulate:

 Formulate is a different type of shampoo and conditioner because it is based on your hair type and your hair need. It is made specifically for YOU. When I was given the opportunity to try Formulate to try something specifically made for me, I was delighted and I jumped at the chance, considering my ongoing issues with dandruff. The first step was to get an answer a few short questions, no more than 10 so they can get an idea of what I need. The questions ranged from what my hair type is to what my length is and what my hair care routine is like. Last, but not least, which I found to appreciate, it what type of scents I liked. I found this to be such a great question because I know I have a very sensitive nose and I don’t like scents that are too overpowering, so they definitely got kudos points for that.


Trying out Formulate:

 It was crunch time and I was super excited to try out a new product that was made specifically for me! Let me start by saying the scent was just right, not too light and not too strong. As I used the product, it felt smooth and it definitely got the job done of getting my hair clean and getting rid of all of the dandruff, which is mostly tough for me, because despite what I use, I notice I still have some remnants in my hair. My hair took really well to the shampoo and conditioner and my hairdresser was able to blow-dry my hair with ease.  My hair was soft and my curls came out a bit more when it was being washed.


A few weeks after trying Formulate:

 My hair still felt wonderful. I usually don’t wash my hair everyday or every few days. I can get away with washing my hair every week, but usually nothing more, because it starts to get really itchy. Now what I noticed after trying Formulate is that I got away with not washing my hair for a whole TWO WEEKS! I couldn’t believe it either. And when I did wash my hair, it was because it was oily and a bit itchy, but I didn’t have nearly as much dandruff like I usually do, only a few flakes here and there.  I do have to say that I am really happy with my personalized shampoo and conditioner and I use up all the products. So now that I have gotten a chance to try out Formulate, we have partnered together to give one lucky reader a chance to win his or her own customized product, tailored just for you. Simply click on this here: and the lucky winner will be announced on my IG story soon. Good luck! Xxx